KALA ACADEMY Since 10 years in Mithila Painting , We are Expert in Mithila Art design , We also provide training related to mithila painting , Already 10K peoples enrolled in online classes.

lokrang certificate
process of Kohbar painting
  1. Madhubani painting is a Traditional folk art form that originated in the Mithila region of Bihar, India. It is known for its intricate and colorful designs, depicting various aspects of nature, mythology, and everyday life. The art form uses natural dyes and pigments and is traditionally created on handmade paper or walls using brushes, twigs, and even fingers.            painting I am making in this picture is called Kohbar design. Which is being made in a silk cloth. And use acrylic color. It takes many days to make it. We give one month from work to work in making this drawing. That’s why he looks beautiful too.

Summer Workshop

This Foto about summer camp.
classes for student summer camp .
painting classes
This image about my classes
This painting about class

Wall Painting on wall in Nagpur Royals Celebration Hall

wall painting
painting on wall
wall painting
viday painting


this stachu completeand color by me
process of making fish design